i wish no more i act i do i become we are our thoughts that's what i've heard and if that's true then amazing things are comig in the future.

For when you want to read me.

For when i linger no more in this place and by saying this i dont mean anything existential or religious or methaphorical i simply mean this bedroom i will no longer be trapped or held against my will anywhere tho i cannot expect to be truly free because in this society is anyone truly free anyway?

For when you become who you truly are and you embrace it nothing can stop you from getting to your next destination.

For when life gives you lemons and you didn't request them you give life their unrequested lemons back and go get whatever the fuck makes you happy and you actually want if it isn't fucking lemons don't stick to them why the fuck would you stick to them when you want oranges?

For when you start a journey and you don't quite know the destination it may take you a little longer than expected to get there.

For when you know your destination but you journey seem heavier and longer than you first expected it to be.

blog #10

it's a rainy day today there's no school for me and anyone else it's a hurricane alert what we're living so here we are enjoying this time thought there's a hurricane alert everything is going well there was no internet in the morning but now it's back in bussiness so no worries

what else am i supposed to do if there's no school today

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