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i'm back to school after 2 week vacation break and it's as hard as ever we'll see how i figure out things this time i'm thinking about to read more and draw draw draw

back to school

Today is my first day back to school so far so good we'll see what the university world brings to me tomorrow on day two but yeah it's good to see faces i like and i feel comfortable being around of also there was no water at the cafeteria what's up with that? it's the middle of the summer still you know i have this theory that the freshmen kids bought it all and there was no water left for anyone else lol

blog #8

gradebook it's here
and guess what?
i got A+ in every assignament i took 
can you believe it?

blog #7

i don't know what i'm waiting for to be honest i seem to be stuck and the worst part is i know i can do it i know i'll do it but this feeling of this is too much for to handle how do i make it dissapear cause it's drains my enery and i just don't know anymore what to do what to think what waht waht.

Put me out of my misery

hurry up, come see me! (please)
"hurry up, come see me"
Wrote on August 3, 2016 at 11:10 PM 

i've found my soulmate the conditions are still not perfect for me and him to be together but i'll make them perfect he'll make them perfect we'll find a way to be happy and to be together forever we have done it before we'll do it this time as well. i have gone back to school also i'm studying visual arts which if you ask me it's pretty awesome, i'm ok with most of the things i have seen until now but sometimes it's hard and it's a long way to go also but i know i can make it, i'll graduate this time for the best for the good.

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