blog #3.9

one month into school almost and it feels so unreal still when reality is gonna come and hit me i don't know i just hope it doesn't make me tumbl and fall please be gentle dear future.

blog #3

it's a horrible day it's windy and kind of cold i havent gone to school again today i'm waiting for my father to come back with the car.. he just arrived but it's too late to go i'll wait until next class at 11:00.

what do you want from me i dont understand i know nothing about anything i just want everything to be over that would be fine everything to be over forever i dont know what to do what to think what to say what.

i dont want to see him again but i know i cant help it he is gonna come and again and again everytime is more difficult it's harder to tell him good bye and he doesnt care he doesnt care at all i dont want him to come and see me again please make him stop forever.

blog #2

didnt go to school again today one of thee teachers called in sick so i had only one class to attend but i didnt go i couldnt do it i tried im lying i didnt try neither i feel so helpless it's frustrating to see from the outside what is going on.

blog #1

Today i went to the therapist and she gave me lots of work to do at home mean while i see her again in two more weeks so i have homework to do my sister and nephews are helping too i missed school yesterday i regret i didnt go but today i gaained some courage and decided to go school tho i'm still feeling down, therapist says it's too early for me to be bored at school i have been there less than 2 weeks and i wanted to quit already what am i going to do what i have to do i know it it's finishing my degree and getting a masters degree later on in japan or some other foreign country.

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