How I have exercised my leadership skills and contribution to society.

My field of work is arts and design, I am a Graphic Designer, producing material that includes positive enriching cultural messages is what I love doing the most. 

I think I am contributing to society in a positive way through studying languages and learning about other countries' culture because knowing the differences and similarities between different kind of people around the world is what makes my work as a graphic designer more interesting to international targets, and catching the attention of those people will make my country stand out with the top nations. 

I like learning languages because I know that when studying a new idiom you are also constantly learning from the history of the country where that mother tongue began, you learn the most relevant aspects of their everyday life, they way they think and organize; the way they work and live. Being able to communicate in more than one language makes things easier, I believe is the best way to avoid misunderstandings when talking to a foreign person and also the best way to express oneself true feelings and thoughts. 

Whether is talking to foreigners about my own culture and home country, or talking to my friends and family about other cultures and countries I am interested in, for example Japan, France, the united states of america or any other country I may be currently leaning about, I try to give them a general view of things, I try to share with them what I have observed and listened, or read about those nations, besides my own opinion of them. 

I think that México have such potential to be one of the leaders nations of the world we just have to find the way to make it work for everyone here, it is true that we lack of opportunities for talented people, but I also believe that everyone of us is aware of the great things we are capable of, in my personal case making art and producing visual material is the way I have to help my country to show the world all those colorful traditions we have and stand out as an ancient but also modern, original and beautiful place. 

I'm really proud of being Mexican, having mexican parents and grandparents that were born in this amazing country is really satisfying, even when my relatives may not be ambitious enough to make it to an international platform, I know I will, even if I come from a very humble place, I will always try to reach all my goals, and all of them include to put México on the map. Being recognized as a mexican talent is what I want the most, I want México to be proud of me I want all the people in my country to know that they also can make it, I want to inspire them, I want them to see that all of them can get whatever they want if they work hard enough for it. 

Talking about my field Arts and Design, in México there have always been talented artists that have showed the world we are unique, we have some of the most important painters in world history, such as Frida Kahlo, I’ve been always inspired by her and I would love to be able to inspire people like she does. 

In the past I was always upset for not getting anything, I always used to blame rich people for getting all the opportunities and I could not study abroad or study what I wanted because I do not have any money, my father fixes motor boats for a living and my mother is a simple housewife, none of them finished elementary school, neither my grandparents, they hardly know how to read, but that did not stop them to make me a learner, I am always surprised about my parents capacities, they are very creative, they always find a way to make things work, when i was a little kid they always made things interesting for me to learn. Though there were not any sophisticated things to learn around me I learned from them that I have to be grateful for the things I have, and that I have to work hard to make my dreams come true, and that it is what I do every day, especially right now that I look forward and expect great things to happen in the near future.


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