Learning foreign languages

"this sh*t is bananas! B-A-N-A-N-A-S!"

Wrote on October 17, 2012 at 3:35 PM

So I just read an articule about the process of learning a foreign language and that students always complain about native speakers talking too fast, so students are overwhelm and they're not able to understand a word, my personal experience doing listening practice in english via YouTube vlogs is that it depends of the kind of person you're listeng to. But let me tell you from someone who has been learning english the last 5 years, and took up french and japanese for a couple of months, learning any foreign language is hard and frustraiting at first but once you get into it, it so much easier and also if you're learning the language from a native speaker is even easier.

I think that there are no easy-to-learn languages for example to me, a native spanish speaker, french grammar is a lot like spanish but pronunciation is way different, it's just weird and awkward LOL and japanese it's the contrary pronunciation is easy, it sounds kind of like spanish (except for the "shi" and "chi" wich I still don't get it, still sounds the same to me) but japanese grammar, let me tell you, japanese grammar is a bitch.

Someone on Tumblr wrote that japanese was a whore of a language, wich I think is pretty accuratte to describe japanese writing. Because learning japanese it's not just learning tons of vocabulary and a different way for making sentences, you also have to learn 3 diferent writing sistems, yes, japanese people uses 4 different writing sistems. Did you notice that I said that you have to learn 3 and they use 4? well one of the systems they use is called romanji wich is the western system we use to write words: the alphabet(27 characters), the next system they use and wich is the very first they taught you at school when learning japanese is called Hiragana, it is compunded with 46 syllables, and it is used to write all words and names in japanese, then they have the Katakana (another 46 syllables) wich is used to write foreign words and names, in total you have to learn how to write all 92 syllables the very first days when learning japanese, then when you learn them you think: awh thank gawsh I'm done with this thing!, but then it comes the Kanjis witch is the 4th system and not exactly the fairest of them all, the Kanjis don't represent syllables they represent ideas, and there are more than 40,000 kanjis out there waiting to be learn, you might be thinking at this point 40,000 kanjis? when do japanese people have the time to learn 40, 000 kanjis? well, that's simple: they don't. Japanese people are only supposed to learn around 2,000 kanjis during the elementary-high school transition, and the rest is up to them. Now learning 2,000 kanjis out of 40,000 sounds like it's not big deal.

I keep telling myself that it is actually not big deal but then again japanese is only spoken in japan and to take japanese as a hobby is non sense, it's just nuts, so today my advise for you guys is: in orden to learn japanese you have to go bananas.

PS. I love learning japanese and I'm not gonna give up! <3

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