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Wrote on October 17, 2012 at 3:35 PM

So I just read an articule about the process of learning a foreign language and that students always complain about native speakers talking too fast, so students are overwhelm and they're not able to understand a word, my personal experience doing listening practice in english via YouTube vlogs is that it depends of the kind of person you're listeng to. But let me tell you from someone who has been learning english the last 5 years, and took up french and japanese for a couple of months, learning any foreign language is hard and frustraiting at first but once you get into it, it so much easier and also if you're learning the language from a native speaker is even easier.

I think that there are no easy-to-learn languages for example to me, a native spanish speaker, french grammar is a lot like spanish but pronunciation is way different, it's just weird and awkward LOL and japanese it's the contrary pronunciation is easy, it sounds kind of like spanish (except for the "shi" and "chi" wich I still don't get it, still sounds the same to me) but japanese grammar, let me tell you, japanese grammar is a bitch.

Someone on Tumblr wrote that japanese was a whore of a language, wich I think is pretty accuratte to describe japanese writing. Because learning japanese it's not just learning tons of vocabulary and a different way for making sentences, you also have to learn 3 diferent writing sistems, yes, japanese people uses 4 different writing sistems. Did you notice that I said that you have to learn 3 and they use 4? well one of the systems they use is called romanji wich is the western system we use to write words: the alphabet(27 characters), the next system they use and wich is the very first they taught you at school when learning japanese is called Hiragana, it is compunded with 46 syllables, and it is used to write all words and names in japanese, then they have the Katakana (another 46 syllables) wich is used to write foreign words and names, in total you have to learn how to write all 92 syllables the very first days when learning japanese, then when you learn them you think: awh thank gawsh I'm done with this thing!, but then it comes the Kanjis witch is the 4th system and not exactly the fairest of them all, the Kanjis don't represent syllables they represent ideas, and there are more than 40,000 kanjis out there waiting to be learn, you might be thinking at this point 40,000 kanjis? when do japanese people have the time to learn 40, 000 kanjis? well, that's simple: they don't. Japanese people are only supposed to learn around 2,000 kanjis during the elementary-high school transition, and the rest is up to them. Now learning 2,000 kanjis out of 40,000 sounds like it's not big deal.

I keep telling myself that it is actually not big deal but then again japanese is only spoken in japan and to take japanese as a hobby is non sense, it's just nuts, so today my advise for you guys is: in orden to learn japanese you have to go bananas.

PS. I love learning japanese and I'm not gonna give up! <3

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Wrote on September 3, 2012 at 9:55 PM
My second year in University has finally finished. I'm actually in big trouble because I've been taking only three subjects out of six that I should be taking, and now it's like this year were my second year, when it's actually the third I'm starting. I don't know how to explain it in english, even though I'm more confident when speaking english, my english skills have improved a lot the last year, I'm still having a hard time trying to explain some kind of things like this one.

School and also graphic design related topics are difficult to talk for me because the information I read and write related to this subject is always in spanish. Of couse sometimes I do my reserch in english about specific topics we're seeing in class, but then learning spanish and the english words is complicated for me, it's confusing, and sometimes I end up saying in class some words in english and then nobody knows what I'm talking about.

Anyway, I'm also learning japanese, gosh, it's oh-so-frustrating! first of all, always and when I say always I mean every-effing-time when I mention that I'm learning japanese people freak out. It's so annoying, it's whether they start saying some racist stuff about Japan, japanese or asian people in general, or they get super exited and then they start talking about stuff related with manga or anime. It bothers me so much because then I have to explain them that I don't watch anime, so I have no idea what they're talking about when they start their fangirling-otaku-anime-talk.

It doesn't mean that I don't like anime, but I have no time to watch series, there's no any channels in méxico that include anime in their broadcast so if I want to watch anime I have to go to google and look for it on anime fan sites. It's not only anime what Mexico lacks of, also any japan related topics are off the table, it's like they didn't even know that Japan exist, I have to admit that I was also ignorant about Japan and japanese culture couple of years ago. I think that lately it has been an explosion of asian culture starting with Pop culture of couse, it's all about J & K-idols.

The very first contact i had with japanese culture was then j-idols, one day in 2008-2009 surfing internet I ended up on youtube watching L'arc en ciel's Flower video, Hyde's voice and personality made me fell in love with j-music, and started my obssesion with japanese language.

I've always been an entusiastic languages learner, I love learning foreign languages, I'm learning english since 2007, that same year I also spend a few months learning french in public university, one of the problems with learning foreign languages in my city is that it's expensive, public university is the cheaper option but they don't have enough teachers, I mean they have lots of english speaking teachers, so for english lessons there's lots of schedules and options, and every two months they start new levels, but, BUT for other languages such as french or japanese, italian, etc. they only have one or two teachers, another thing is that they only continue to the next level if there's more than five students on that level so.. the first 2 levels wich is about 4 or 5 months are always open and avaible, but when you get to the third level it's when you start to have problems, because if not enough students continue to that level you have to wait until there's enough students to open it. So I was in level 2 in french lessons when they told me they wouldn't open the 3rd level. It made me really sad, then I though that I could continue studying french and go to a private school but that´s another problem about learning languages here in my city there's no many options, there's only one school besides public university that offers french lessons, but it's so expensive. and then I think I shoul get a job so I could afford every school I want, but it's so hard!. Job interviews are horrifying aren´t they? some other day I'll blog about it.

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